Ansible role to apply system wide configuration.

This role can take multiple git repository URLs and clone each repository to the / (root) directory of the system.

This role performs the following actions:

  • Ensure the requirements are installed.
  • Ensure the current user can obtain administrative (root) permissions.
  • Update the apt cache.
  • Ensure dependencies are installed.
  • If the system_skeleton variable is defined, clone the git repositories listed on it into /.
  • If the configuration variable is defined, clone the git system repositories listed on it into /.

This role do not expand files or URLs by default because the most common case is to specify URLs that points directly to a skeleton repository, so the default behaviour for this role is to treat file paths and URLs as plain text.

You can change the default behaviour by:

  • Setting the expand variable to true.


  • Add to an item the attribute item_expand setted to true.